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Our primary focus is getting you on your journey to grow fruit organically. Not only do we offer an incredible selection of fruit trees and supporting plants, we offer the education you need to succeed. »

Grow Fruit Organically

Next workshop will be next year folks, 2023...Need a confidence boost? You will get one at this workshop! We will cover pruning a variety of berry bushes, but will focus primarily on fruit trees. One of the many things Don has learned by going to homes just like yours is that you have good intentions, but when you get to the tree one of two things happens. When you get up to the tree, it is difficult to figure out which branches to take out. Or when you get up to the tree, you prune many of the branches you can easily reach from the ground. This workshop will help you change your perspective. Instead of looking at which branches to take out, you'll learn to look for which ones to keep and work your way from there. Learning how to prune will take you into the future a few years. By looking at the tree's branch structure, you can see what it is going look like in a few years, and plan ahead.

Wait till next year to register. Until then though, if you want to gain confidence in pruning your fruit trees and berry bushes, Don covers a vast area in Wisconsin and even Minnesota to prune with you so that you how to make proper cuts, leave the right branches, maintain your pruning tools, identify problem areas and how to deal with them well, you will get the idea!

Give Don a call to have him come right out to your trees and prune with you. By the time you are done, you will have all the confidence you need, the know how, and the why to prune. Go ahead and call Don now to get on the calendar, 715-723-8001.

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