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Wisconsin Tree Trimmer Jobs

Get a job as a tree timmer in Wisconsin! Tree trimmers jobs are available in the following Wisconsin counties: Adams, Buffalo, Chippewa, Columia, Dunn, Eau Claire, Marquette, Portage, St. Croix, Trempealeau, or Waushara counties. »

Tree Trimmer Jobs

As an equipment opertaor, your work day consists of using and maintaing a Bobcat/mower or a Jarraff. Mowers are responsible for mulching the trimmings. You will be loading/unloading the mower and moving to different locations. You must know right-of-way boundaries, etc. Jarraffs are a mechanical means of tree trimming in cross-country areas. They have an articulating body with four-wheel drive and a 75’ boom with a saw blade on the end. Knowledge of distance from power lines, angles of cuts to make on trees, etc. are required.

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