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A number of participants have recently received notices regarding settlement of a class action involving the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA). The NCSRCC Health Plan receives services from Anthem, which is a member company of BCBSA. As a result, the Plan is eligible to participate in the BCBSA class action settlement. The class action settlement proceeds will be available to the Plan and other self-funded plans based on the administrative fees they paid Anthem and other BCBSA entities. The Plan pays the full cost of the Anthem administrative fees and therefore possesses claims against Anthem/BCBSA that it will evaluate and pursue. The Plan cannot provide participants advice regarding whether they should pursue individual claims in the class action settlement, but participants could conclude they don't need to take further action because the Plan pays the Anthem administrative fee and will pursue claims it possesses. If you'd like more information regarding the settlement you can visit

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