MAILNUT | Mailbox Closure

The Mailnut™ magnet is a convenient easy-to-use mailbox closure system for your mailbox. Available in three sizes, Mailnut™ keeps your mailbox closed! Order one today. »

MAILNUT™ Mailbox Magnet

After reading the reviews on the MAILNUT™ I ordered two (one for my neighbor). The mailbox I installed it on had a lip to keep the door closed; however, it was consistently standing open. The installation of the MAILNUT™ is simple - remember to clean the surface with alcohol as you are "sticking" a piece of commercial velcro to the interior mailbox side. After the installation, I found the magnet provides ample pull to keep the mailbox door closed at all times. I am very pleased with this unit and wish I had known about this earlier! A good product!

— Owen L. Bouma

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