Rebecca Suess Aesthetics

Botox, Filler, Kybella, PRP, Instalift Training | Rebecca Suess Aesthetics

Receive expert training on injecting Botox, Filler, and Kybella as well as perfoming PRP and Silhouette InstaLift treatments. Rebecca Suess offers hands-on aesthetic training for adding injection services to your practice. »

Become an expert at injecting Botox, Filler, and Kybella as well as performing PRP and Silhouette InstaLift treatments with aesthetic training from Rebecca Suess. Get started today.

Whether you are just getting started or looking to refine your skills with more advanced techniques, Rebecca will tailor your training session to best fit your objectives. Her style of training is fresh, direct, and successful. She has the knowledge, experience, and passion necessary to prepare you with the skills and confidence to treat patients safely and efficaciously.

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